In our shop on Kapteeninkatu in Helsinki you can admire jewellery collections, with each piece showcasing our painstaking craftsmanship and love for jewels. Our professional staff will help you choose the jewellery, and will be happy to tell you about the gemstones used and the design of the jewellery.

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The Aarre (Treasure) collection is full of aspirations, dreams, hope and love. The collection brings together stories and beliefs that have developed over the centuries, with mystical tones and dark aesthetics. The jewellery in the collection features responsibly sources Greenland rubies and recycled 23 carat gold. The rubies come from the small village of Aappaluttoq, home to one of the world’s oldest ruby deposits. Part of the proceeds from the ruby jewellery are directed to research and the protection of Greenland’s nature.

Treasure medallion 16.790€

Esmeralda earrings 19.780€

Compass ring 9.760€

Treasure rings, from 2.660€

Ice Berry

The jewellery in the Ice Berry collection features rare Greenland rubies, diamonds and tsavorite garnet. The jewellery has a fabulous colour combination of raspberry red and bright green. The gentle glow of platinum and the brilliance of diamonds add brightness to the jewellery. The jewellery is made by hand in our workshop in Ullanlinna, Helsinki.

Ice Berry Carmosier 12.550€

Ice Berry ring 11.980€

Ice Berry earrings, 17.890€

Bird of Passage

The Bird of Passage collection evokes the spring migration of Arctic seabirds. Reminiscent of a figure of eight, the amulet depicts a short time in the north and a longer time in the south. The jewellery tells the story of a small island off the outer Finnish Archipelago, barren cliffs, coniferous trees bent by the stormy winds, the smell of the salt sea and the cry of the birds. The jewellery uses Finnish gemstones as well as yellow and white gold.

Bird of Passage earrings, 3.970€

Bird of Passage earrings, 2.790€

Bird of Passage necklace 2.790€

Bird of Passage pendant, 1.380€

Kultaseppä Kulmala - Beryllit

Finnish beryls

Kultaseppä Kulmala has an extensive collection of Finnish beryls from Luumäki, Eastern Finland. Luumäki’s beryls have a very special, light green shade. The amethysts are from Luosto, Lapland.

Kuvastin - Beryllisormus

Frame ring, 5.740€

Frame earrings, 5.460€

Kulmala - Beryllisormus pisara

Beryl drop ring, 1.490€

Beryl drop earrings 1.380€

Kide earrings 6.280€

Helle ring 4.480€

Halla ring 4.480€

Aquamarine ring with amethysts 10.230€


The jewellery of the Ariel collection is crafted to provide delight in everyday life. They have been selected with gemstones encased lightly and airily, doing full justice to the carefully selected gemstones. Ariel jewellery is made in our customers’ favourite hues. The most used stone in Ariel jewellery is tourmaline, which has a spectrum resulting from a natural palette in many colours of the rainbow. The jewellery is available in yellow and white gold.

Ariel rings, from 1.250€

Ariel rings, from 1.250€

Ariel rings, from 2.350€

Ariel earrings, from 2.350€

Kultaseppä Kulmala - Gemini


The shape of Gemini jewellery is inspired by star charts. Small diamonds twinkle next to a colourful gemstone like little stars, adding additional splendour to this simply stylish jewellery. Tanzanite and diamond lead one’s thoughts to the clear night sky, while the deep orange of the mandarin garnet glows as powerfully as Venus. Other items in the Gemini collection include pink and green tourmalines and light-green peridots.

Gemini necklaces, from 2.050€

Gemini ring, 2.070 €


The Pullakahvi (Coffee and bun) ring was designed for the Vuoden kaunein sormus (Most beautiful ring of the year) competition in 2019. The theme of the competition was celebrations, which inspired master goldsmith Pekka Kulmala to design the ring respecting the Finnish coffee and bun tradition. The ‘coffee’ in the ring is onyx, and 22 diamonds are sprinkled on the saucer. The Kranssi (braided wreath-shaped sweet loaf) and Pitko (long braided sweet loaf) jewellery are also available with Kulmala coarse ‘sugar’ – that is, decorated with diamonds.

Pullakahvi ring 4.250€

Pitko ring 1.650€

Kranssi earrings, 1.360€ and 1.650€

Pitko earrings, 1.260€

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