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Kultaseppä Kulmala

Kapteeninkatu 24, 00140 Helsinki, Finland

Manifest to beauty

Everything can be made with beauty. That is our mission. More beauty is needed in the world.

We want beauty to surround us. Each piece of jewellery we make, represents beauty at its’ best. When you feel it deeply in your eyes and your heart, you have seen it and felt it.
Beauty is eternal and remains always fashionable. Well made piece of jewellery can be repaired and can be treasured by future generations. A jewel can represent family history and carry memories through decades. It links its’ owner to a chain of generations.

Beauty cannot be copied. The unique touch of the designer and Finnish design are clearly present within all our jewellery. Our jewellery are designed and made in Finland from start to finish.

Sustainability is beauty

All our jewels are supplied by certified suppliers and we know the origin of each individual stone exactly.

Beauty is not only its’ worth in gold or jewels. It is a masterpiece created by sense of beauty and mystical coincidents of creativity. It has magic and stardust. It stops the wheel of time and gilds the moment. It can even tell something words cannot describe.

Beauty is always and allaround for those, who see it. We want the piece of jewellery, that you carry, to make the world a more beautiful place.

Goldsmiths of Kulmala

Kultaseppä Kulmala

Kapteeninkatu 24, 00140 Helsinki, Finland
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