Kultaseppä Kulmala’s rings are made individually by our three highly skilled jewellers. Kulmala is known for its enthralling gemstone rings, classic elements and carefully considered details. Our latest rings feature specially cut diamonds such as a beautiful and delicate drop, a gently angular Asscher diamond and an emerald-cut diamond with brilliant frames. We offer captivating sapphires in shades of blue, yellow, orange and pink.

We use the most precious metals, carefully selected diamonds and exquisite coloured gemstones to create our jewellery. Our gems come from certified suppliers, and we aim to be responsible in everything we do. The rings are crafted in our workshop in the Ullanlinna district of Helsinki. Our jewellery brings joy and conveys memories from one generation to the next.

Sapphire ring, 8.450€

Three diamond rings, from 2.780€

Diamond rings, 2.780€ & 18.890€

Champagne Drop ring, 16.840€

Light brown diamond ring, 9.860€

Champagne halo ring 18.950€

Asscher Solitaire 13.980€

Blueberry halo 9.790€

Lemon halo 4.970€

Pear Solitaire 11.850€

Oval halo ring

Empire halo ring, 16.180€

Queen halo 15.550€

Eternity ring, 18.890€

Lavender 10.660€

Eternity ring, 10.660€

Lemon Cushion 14.920€

Oval Solitaire 4.950€

Crown Rose 3.970€

Platinum Solitaire 4.950€

Aurora 23.650€

Lohko, platinum 3.440€

Lohko, 18k gold, 2.100€

Saana 2.100€

Pitko, 1.650€

Diamond rings

Hinge rings, from 3.390€

Pouta rings, from 2.780€

Paletti - Safiirisormus pinkki

Paletti 3.520€

Paletti - Safiirisormus vihkisormus

Paletti 3.390€

Paletti 3.330€

Paletti - Safiirisormus sininen

Paletti 3.950€

Paletti - Safiirisormus lila

Paletti 3.330€

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